Deb Shapiro, LCSW-R, CH

WELCOME!  I offer compassion, clarity and a safe place for you to heal from pain.  Together you and I can work though your problems so you feel better.  With patience and guidance you can find your way out of darkness and let your spirit soar.  You can learn how to love yourself and live freely and fully.  Contact me to find out how!

I approach clients as valuable, unique individuals who bring both strengths and struggles. I bring knowledge of many therapeutic approaches and excel in developing creative strategies tailored to your specific needs for healing. 





Poor Self Esteem

Career Issues


Relationship Problems

Poor Stress Management

Living with Disabilities and Pain

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How therapy with Deb Shapiro, LCSW, CH works

I offer sessions of various lengths by phone or Skype.  I listen very deeply to your feelings and concerns. Together we identify your goals. By exploring your experiences we can discover patterns that interfere with successfully achieving a more fulfilling lifestyle. I honor your self-knowledge, and work to help you make the changes that will bring you peace and joy.

My Specialties

Anxiety and Panic

Do you suffer from frequent worry and fear?  Do you avoid going out because of your anxiety?  Do you avoid people, fearing they will judge you?  Do you fear taking public transportation, elevators, planes, or have other fears?  Let me help you get better.

Poor Self-Esteem

Do you dislike yourself?  Do you avoid saying what you think?  Are you able to ask for what you want and need?  Do you have trouble saying No?  These are signs of poor self-esteem.  I love helping clients learn to love and value themselves fully.

Relationship Problems

Do you have trouble getting along with important people in your life?  Do you choose partners who aren't good for you?  Is it hard for you to trust others yet you feel lonely and isolated?  I can help you identify the sources of your difficulties and develop healthier relationships. 

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See HYPNOSIS PAGE for information about this effective means of boosting your progress so you reach your goals more easily.

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