Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

General Anxiety

Do you feel anxious every day and find yourself constantly on edge?  This debilitating condition often results from difficult experiences in early life.  By talking about them with a trained therapist you can gradually change your feelings and reactions.  You will find life more manageable.

Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from sudden overwhelming anxiety, feel you cannot breathe, your heart races and you feel you are dying?  These are the symptoms of a panic attack.  They feel terrifying but are based on simple fear and are built up by fearing another panic attack. Good news:  you can recover and become free of these symptoms!


Do you fear leaving home? Or flying, riding trains or elevators?  Being in enclosed spaces?  Do you fear heights? Insects?  These are just a few common phobias.  With therapy and a little work, you can free yourself of your phobia. 

Treating Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are part of the fabric of 21st century life.  While they can create illness and make life very hard, we can also learn to live well with them.  Anxiety can motivate us, as in a new job, project or a chosen life change.  I can help you not only resolve your sources of fear and frustration that may result in anxiety, but also learn how to release your worry and stress.