Depression is a painful illness that needs treatment just as a physcial illness does.  It does not indicate weakness of character.  It's the main cause of disability in 15 - 44-year-old Americans and 16.1 million  suffer from Major Depressive Disorder each year as estimated in 2015 according to   

If you think you have depression please read the rest of this page! 


Symptoms of Depression

Sad mood most days

Lack of motivation for normal activiities

Loss of interest in formerly enjoyable activities

Isolating from loved ones


Poor appetite or overeating

Poor sleep or oversleeping

Poor concentration or poor memory

Fatigue or feeling slowed down

Feeling guilty, hopeless or helpless

Thoughts of suicide or wish to be dead

How I Can Help You Recover

We all have blue days, feel stressed out at times, or just get grumpy.  But if you have had several of these symptoms most days for at least 2 weeks, you may have depression.  It may be related to physical illness, loss, major changes in your life or a new stressor. Whatever the situation, recognizing that you aren't feeling well is your first step toward getting better!

I have helped many people struggling with this painful illness to recover and enjoy life again.  If you have lost faith in your ability to do so, please call me.  I employ a variety of techniques, as appropriate to each individual case, to help clients release their pain and enjoy life again.


Find at least one healthy way to take care of your body.

Call a friend, family member or go be around people, even if only for a short time.

Do an activity  with your hands that will keep you busy for awhile. This can help relieve stress.

Read or watch something funny or uplifting.