Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state we all experience commonly.  When we are so focused on one activity, or anything that holds our attention, so much that we are not aware of anything else--even if only for seconds--we are in a trance state.  It happens in a wide variety of situations:  watching movies, listening to music, arguing, making love, driving.  A trance can last for minutes, hours, even days.  It can be light, as in driving, or deep, as in a very deep meditation.  

How Can It Help Me?

Hypnosis is a totally safe tool you can use, with the help of a hypnotist, to help you accomplish your goals.  You can learn to go into a trance and change your subconscious beliefs and direction to create the attiutudes, feelings and behavior you want.  It takes a lot of repetition to change these, so practice and devotion are key to success.  

Isn't Hypnosis Dangerous?

Contrary to what you may have seen on TV or in movies, NO ONE can make you do anything under hypnosis unless you are willing to do it.  You will simply not do something you do not want to, no matter how deep your trance.  So there is no danger.  You can bring yourself out of a trance just by counting to 3 and thinking Wake Up!  On TV you may have seen a hypnotist tell people to quack like a duck, or something similar.  This is stage hypnosis; the subjects either agreed ahead of time to cooperate or did not mind doing as asked.  I have the utmost respect for my clients and my work and Never tell anyone to do something they have not agreed in advance to do.

How does hypnosis work? What if I'm not a good subject?

Because a trance is a common, natural state, we all experience it at some level, at times.  This means we all can use hypnosis by training our minds to relax deeply.  Even if you don't access this state quickly, I can teach you to do so much more easily than you might think.  To begin, I get to know the client, and have them describe their problems in detail.  I find out their goals, what scares them and what helps them feel secure.  Together we develop a plan for approaching their problems.  Then if needed, I teach them relaxation techniques tailored for their needs.  I create hypnotic suggestions based on the information clients tell me about their problems and goals.