Self-Esteem and how Deb Shapiro, LCSWR can help you build yours

What is self-esteem and why care about it?

Every self-help book you've ever seen talks abut the importance of liking yourself. Viewing yourself postitively is crucial for good mental health.   And yet who wants to talk about her relationship with herself?  We take ourselves for granted too often, then get frustrated that we don't understand our feelings and behavior.  But really, who would like you if you ignored her most of the time?  

Do you have weak self-esteem?

Do you seek others' approval a lot?  Do you feel comfortable saying No when you need to?  Can you accept compliments?  Can you say how you really feel and think?  Trouble with these everyday interactions is a sign of weak self-esteem.  IT IS IMPORTANT and YOU DESERVE TO REALLY LIKE YOURSELF!

I specialize in women's self-esteem

I specialize in helping women to understand and accept their feelings and needs, and to fulfill themselves in healthy ways.  I guide and support them in learning to speak clearly, and to become strong and proud of who they are.  Regardless of their looks, abilities or achievements, women can become passionately and wonderfully alive and free.

 “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”
Sharon Salzberg